[R] how to add comma to string vector?

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Have you considered saving it to a csv file in R and then reading the file in python?

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> I need to convert an R vector to a python array.

Have you considered using the reticulate package on the R side or the
rpy2 package on the Python side? It's hard to cover all edge cases when producing source code to be evaluated by another language. You may encounter a corner case where you output a character special to Python without properly escaping it and end up with an injection error (see
also: SQL injection vulnerability, the most widely known type of this mistake). For producing R code from R values, there's deparse(), and even that's not perfect:

Having said that, paste(sQuote(values, FALSE), collapse = ',') will do the trick, but only if values are guaranteed not to contain single quotes or other characters that have special meaning in Python. Note the FALSE argument to sQuote: otherwise it could return ‘Unicode quotes’, `TeX quotes', or even «guillemets», depending on the options set by the user.

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