[R] Need to insert various rows of data from a data frame after particular rows from another dataframe

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I think what you want is full_join() from the dplyr package.

The only requirement is that both data frames must have a column in common wherein the data are entered in the same way. So the column labeled "state" needs to have "ANANTAPUR" in both data frames rather than "ANANTAPUR" in one data frame and "Anantapur" in the other. 

Reformat your excel spreadsheet to remove headers. Your first column should be three columns: State, then Crop, then district rather than headings. The first row can contain variable names. I would make variable names simple (like "Area" and "Production") but some like more information so "Area_Ha" and "Production_TN_per_Ha" would also work. It is best not to use special symbols in variable names and keep variable names as one string of characters (no spaces). Including such will eventually cause problems.

One exception to the rules in the link is that you can make a variable name T or F. R defaults to interpreting these as TRUE and FALSE. The problem happens when the programmer reassigns these and then tries to use T or F as Boolean in other parts of the program.


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Hello Everyone,

I have dataset in a particular format in "dacnet_yield_update till 2019.xlsx" file, where I need to insert the data of rows 2018-2019 and
2019-2020 for the districts those data are available in "Kharif crops yield_18-19.xlsx".  I need to insert these two rows of data belonging to every district, if data is available in a later excel file, just after the particular crop group data for the particular district.

I have put the data file in the given link.

Please help solving this problem.

Regards and Thanks,

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