[R] Using R lines() to show sunrise and sunset

Gregory Coats gregco@t@ @end|ng |rom me@com
Tue Jul 19 01:50:49 CEST 2022

I compiled a program on my Apple MacBook that takes as inputs
	Year and Month and Day
	Latitude and Longitude
And then computes these two outputs
Sunrise Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second
Sunset  Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second
It automatically handles Daylight Savings Time.
A typical input, followed by the automatically computed outputs looks likes this.

./sunrise_05 2022 01 1 38.8586314239524 77.0512533684194
2022-01-01 07:26:45 2022-01-01 16:57:07
./sunrise_05 2022 01 2 38.8586314239524 77.0512533684194
2022-01-02 07:26:52 2022-01-02 16:57:56

I want to use R’s lines() command to show the sunrise and sunset times for the year 2012. How do I tell R that the first computed output is sunrise, and the second computer output is sunset?
Greg Coats
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