[R] running a scraping code in parallel...

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Thu Jul 14 20:32:40 CEST 2022

Dear members,

please feel free to ignore this mail if you feel that it is not about Base R.

                          I have the following web scraping code ( i have 500 stocks to iterate over):
            getFirmsDates <- function() {
             rD <- RsDriver(browser="chrome")
             remDr <- rD$client

             { scrape for stock i }

Will the following code work?

DATES <- mclapply(1:500, getFirmsDates, mc.cores = 48)

Basically, there must be 500 chrome instances and rD and remDr are same for all iterations. If not any suggestions on how to accomplish the task?

I am using RSelenium and rvest packages.

THanking you,
yours sincerely,

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