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Muhammad Zubair Chishti mzch|@ht| @end|ng |rom eco@q@u@edu@pk
Mon Jul 11 18:38:06 CEST 2022

Dear Respected Sir,
Thank you for kind and informative email. I will definitely follow your
instructions in my next mail.

Muhammad Zubair Chishti

On Mon, 11 Jul 2022, 21:29 Greg Minshall, <minshall using umich.edu> wrote:

> Muhammad,
> sorry for some of the flak you are getting (about honorifics).
> but, one thing you could do which i think would improve your
> interactions with the list is learn how to configure your e-mail program
> to *NOT* send HTML e-mail when sending to the list.
> if it is configured correctly, your e-mails to the list, that you
> receive as copies *from* the list, will *not* have this line in them:
> ----
> >       [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
> ----
> the problem is that the people on the list see the plain text version of
> your e-mail.  when composing HTML e-mail, you see a nicely formatted
> HTML version, but *we* see an often poorly formatted plain text version.
> it's often very frustrating trying to parse this version.
> if you compose your e-mail in plain text, *you* will see the plain text
> version, and can clean it up so that it is more legible to the rest of
> us.
> you have lots of other things to learn -- congratulations for that;
> learning is the best!
> good luck!
> cheers, Greg

	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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