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Mon Jul 11 03:30:09 CEST 2022

grep( "^(z|x)\\.", jj, value = TRUE )


grep( r"(^(z|x)\.)", jj, value = TRUE )

On July 10, 2022 6:08:45 PM PDT, "Steven T. Yen" <styen using ntu.edu.tw> wrote:
>Dear, Below, jj contains character strings starting with “z.” and “x.”. I want to grep all that contain either “z.” or “x.”. I had to grep “z.” and “x.” separately and then tack the result together. Is there a convenient grep option that would grep strings with either “z.” or “x.”. Thank you!
>> jj<-names(v$est); jj
> [1] "z.one"     "z.liberal" "z.conserv" "z.dem"     "z.rep" "z.realinc"
> [7] "x.one"     "x.liberal" "x.conserv" "x.dem"     "x.rep" "x.realinc"
>[13] "mu1_1"     "mu2_1"     "rho"
>> j1<-grep("z.",jj,value=TRUE); j1
>[1] "z.one"     "z.liberal" "z.conserv" "z.dem"     "z.rep" "z.realinc"
>> j2<-grep("x.",jj,value=TRUE); j2
>[1] "x.one"     "x.liberal" "x.conserv" "x.dem"     "x.rep" "x.realinc"
>> j<-c(j1,j2); j
> [1] "z.one"     "z.liberal" "z.conserv" "z.dem"     "z.rep" "z.realinc"
> [7] "x.one"     "x.liberal" "x.conserv" "x.dem"     "x.rep" "x.realinc"
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