[R] A humble request

Spencer Graves @pencer@gr@ve@ @end|ng |rom e||ect|vede|en@e@org
Sat Jul 2 19:42:26 CEST 2022

On 7/2/22 12:30 PM, David Winsemius wrote:
>> On Jul 2, 2022, at 9:32 AM, Muhammad Zubair Chishti <mzchishti using eco.qau.edu.pk> wrote:
>> Dear Respected Sir,
>> Thank you for the quick response. However, the link your shared provides
>> the old version of wmtsa that is not working in R 4.2.0.
>> Can you please tell me any other solution for this issue?
> Your response suggests that you do not understand how one installs a source package for R. You probably need to educate yourself about how to compile packages from source. Since the process is different for Linux, MacOS, and Windows, you would need to pay attention to the specific requirements of your unnamed OS.

BUT you do not need to compile the entire package to use a function in 
it:  You only need to source that particular function ... and any others 
it calls that you don't already have ;-)  That simplifies the task 
greatly.  With luck, Muhammad Zubair Chishti can source only the desired 
functions, and they will run and do what is desired with no further 
effort.  If not, Muhammad can be guided by the error message(s):  If 
they complain that a certain function is not available, Muhammad can 
find it and source it.  If the problem is more subtle, Muhammad can use 
"debug", as I earlier suggested.  Spencer Graves

> You might find as I did that the wmtsa package has some dependencies that are also archived, namely pkg:splus2R (provided generously by Insightful for many years but apparently no longer) and pkg:ifultools. They both have incompatibilities that prevent compilation from source with my Mac setup. I did find a mirror that has a binary version of splus2R that did install and load.
> install.packages("splus2R", repo="https://mirrors.vcea.wsu.edu/r-cran/", type="binary", dependencies=TRUE)
> So maybe part of your PhD training should be learning how to compile packages and address changes in the compilers being used as R evolves. That is beyond my capabilities for offering assistance. Alternately you might find a forum or a consultant with similar interests to yours. Again, I can offer no assistance because I have never used pkg:wmtsa and don't know what it provided when it was compatible with the CRAN universe.

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