[R] R CMD BUILD converting data file format?

Carl Witthoft c@r| @end|ng |rom w|ttho|t@com
Fri Jan 28 22:57:47 CET 2022

Never mind; I had a brain cramp and confused the value returned from 
data() with the actions taken.  My data objects were properly loaded 
into my environment.

Apologies to this list.


On 1/28/22 3:23 PM, Jeff Newmiller wrote:
> I am not aware of R files being converted to rda... I generate an rda file and put it into the data directory myself. However, like most of the participants on this list, I do not claim particular expertise in building packages... that topic is what the R-package-devel list mentioned in the Posting Guide is for (hint).
> On January 28, 2022 11:46:35 AM PST, Carl Witthoft <carl using witthoft.com> wrote:
>> When I run the shell command
>> R CMD BUILD mypackage
>> the builder converts *.R files to *.rda data files.  This seems to
>> conflict with the information in R-Exts which says a package's  /data
>> directory can contain  foo.R files which the function data() will call
>> source() to execute.
>> In my case, I have a  foo.R file in the /data directory which contains
>> the following (adapted for size and clarity:
>> # some comment text
>> dataA <- '3.1415'
>> # more comments
>> dataB <- '2.71828'
>> The builder converted foo.R to foo.rda, and when I use either data() or
>> load() all I get is  a char vector containing the text
>> [1] 'dataA'
>> [2] 'dataB'
>> Where did I go wrong?
>> thanks

Carl Witthoft
carl using witthoft.com
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