[R] Reg: Help in assigning colors to factor variable in ggplot2

Upananda Pani up@n@nd@@p@n| @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Dec 26 15:06:07 CET 2022

Dear All,

I am trying to plot a scatter plot between  temperature and heart rate and
additionally marking the outcome of the patients by colors. I am using the
standard package Use the standard function plot as well as the functions of
package "ggplot2" (Wickham (2009)). Save the plots in pdf files.

I am geeting an error to plot when assigning colsOutcome to the
scatterplot. I am doing it wrongly. Please advise me.
ICUData <- read.csv(file = "ICUData.csv")
## Generate empty vector
colsOutcome <- character(nrow(ICUData))
## Fill with colors
colsOutcome[ICUData$outcome == "died"] <- "#E41A1C"
colsOutcome[ICUData$outcome == "home"] <- "#377EB8"
colsOutcome[ICUData$outcome == "other hospital"] <- "#4DAF4A8"
colsOutcome[ICUData$outcome == "secondary care/rehab"] <- "#984EA3"

plot(x = ICUData$temperature, y = ICUData$heart.rate, pch = 19,
     xlab = "Maximum body temperature", ylab = "Maximum heart rate",
     main = "500 ICU patients", col = colsOutcome, xlim = c(33,43))
legend(x = "topleft", legend = c("died", "home", "other hospital",
"secondary care/rehab"), pch = 19,
       col = c("#E41A1C", "#377EB8", "#4DAF4A8", "#984EA3"))

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