[R] Complex Survey Data and EFA

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Fri Apr 29 19:31:08 CEST 2022


Thank you for the help already received in conducting EFAs with complex samples. I have successfully generated the EFA with svyfactanal. I have been unsuccessful in using the survey weighted data to generate the extra bells and whistles of EFA such as scree plots and parallel analyses. I noticed there is a way to create scree plots in the ggplots (or ggplots2) package, but am wondering if the svyfactanal  function (or another function) in the survey package can generate these plots and subsequent parallel analyses.

I also have binary variables.  I can generate the EFA with the binary variables using the hetcor function within the polycor package--but without the complex sampling design. Is there a way to conduct the EFA  with binary items that also allows me to apply the design weights?

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Lybrya Kebreab
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