[R] Looping through all matrix columns each 1 row at a time

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Thu Apr 21 06:55:20 CEST 2022

Dear R friends,

One question, so, thanks to the Bert's kind feedback, I was able to create
my matrix using the following code:
dice_rolls = 120
num_dice   = 1
dice_sides = 6

#performing simulation
dice_simul = data.frame(dice(rolls = dice_rolls, ndice = num_dice, sides =
dice_sides, plot.it = TRUE))


prob_matrix <- matrix(dice_simul[,1], ncol = 12, byrow = TRUE)

colnames(prob_matrix) <-

Now, I need to perform an analysis for each column, one row at a time. For
example, I need to know if numbers 1 through 6 all appear in the twelve
column for row 1, then for row 2, etc.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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