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Mon Apr 11 11:21:04 CEST 2022

Apparently the <expletive deleted> system at the U. of Orcland refused
to transmit the file/attachment "shark.txt".  I was informed of this by
Ivan Krylov who suggested that I put this file up on my web page, and
supply the link.  I have uploaded the file; the link is:


as in a previous incarnation of this problem.  You should see a link

    Shell archive of reprex.

Right click on this link and then on "Save link as".  This should
provide the file "shark.txt" that I wanted to transmit to you.

For completeness here is a repeat of my previous message, that was
*supposed* to be accompanied by a "shark.txt" attachment until the UoA
buggered things up.  Note that I have re-attached the file "vgo.txt" to
the present email (but of course *not* the untransmittable file

>     To all and sundry, near and far,
>     Ivan Krylov in particular ....
> (The latter being singled out because he was so helpful the last time
> I asked a question on this issue.  My apologies to him if I am being a
> pest.)
> I have again been beset by a "stack smashing" problem when trying
> to run R code that calls upon dynamically loaded Fortran.  I have now
> reached the end of my limited mental resources in trying to solve this
> problem, so I am beseeching R-help to come to my assistance.
> I have applied valgrind to try to track down the source of the
> problem. I.e. I started R using "R -d valgrind".  The output from
> trying to run my code is in the attached file "vgo.txt".  All that I
> can discern from this output is that something went wrong.  The
> "location" of the problem seems to be specified as line 85 in the
> Fortran file "getgl.f", but this is the last line ("end") of that
> file, so this just seems to be saying that there is something wrong,
> somewhere in this file!
> I have bundled up all of the components of a reproducible example in a
> "shell archive" that I have named "shark.txt" (which is attached). To
> investigate the problem:
> * unpack the shell archive using "sh shark.txt"
> * create a shared object library using "R CMD SHLIB -o hah.so *.f"
> * start R using "R -d valgrind"
> * source the file "scr" (from the archive) using 'source("scr")'
> The shell archive concept is peculiar to Unix/Linux, but apparently
> there is an application called "ZipZag" which can be used by Windoze
> users to unpack shell archives (if any such users are interested).
> I have gone over and over my code, to the point of madness, looking
> for argument miss-matches in the calls in this code, and for
> screw-ups in the dimension statements, and can find none.  They must
> be there somewhere, but I cannot see them.  Can anyone help me?
> Note that the code in the *.f files is very opaque, since the code was
> originally written in Ratfor and then compiled into Fortran.  The
> Ratfor code is much more perspicuous, so I have included the
> corresponding *.r files so as to possibly provide some enlightenment.
>  If you have ratfor on your system, you can do things like "ratfor
> getgl.r > getgl.f" to recreate the *.f files.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> cheers,
> Rolf Turner

Honorary Research Fellow
Department of Statistics
University of Auckland
Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext. 88276

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