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Sun Oct 31 17:49:24 CET 2021

Em 31/10/2021 08:09, Duncan Murdoch escreveu:
>> Rlogo <- "C:/R/doc/html/logo.jpg"
> That won't work on most systems.  Please use something like
> Rlogo <- file.path(R.home(), "doc/html/logo.jpg")

Ok. Done!

>> box3d( floating=NA  )
> I don't think that has ever worked.  "floating=NA" is a special value 
> that means something in mtext3d() and related function, but it's not a 
> legal value for floating in general.

I used this function just to center the axes on the screen. Despite the 
error, she still has this behavior and I still haven't found the correct 
solution to do this.

It's already working almost 100%.

It's just a toy to put inside Shiny...
It's for learning (see the difference between rgl inside R and via webGL).

Thanks for your attention...

Cleber Borges

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