[R] spm2: A new package for (spatial) predictive modelling

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Mon Oct 18 08:04:47 CEST 2021

Dear all,

A new package, spm2_1.1.0, for (spatial) predictive modelling has just been
made available on CRAN. It is an updated and extended version of 'spm'
package, by introducing some further novel functions for modern statistical
methods (i.e., generalised linear models, glmnet,  generalised least
squares), support vector machine, .... For each method, two functions are
provided, with one  function for assessing the predictive errors and
accuracy of the method based on cross-validation, and the other for
generating spatial predictions. It also contains a couple of functions for
data preparation and predictive accuracy assessment.

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Jin Li, PhD
Founder, Data2action, Australia

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