[R] How to read from a file within a gzipped file

Conklin, Mike (GfK) M|ke@Conk||n @end|ng |rom g|k@com
Mon Oct 11 18:24:01 CEST 2021

Hi have a large number of zipped files, each containing 3 xml files that I want to read.  I would like to read one of the xml files without having to decompress each zip file first.

If I run gzfile(path2zipped file) I get

A connection with
description "X:/Mkt Science/Projects/ tv/202109.ext/tsa.20210901.xml.zip"
class       "gzfile"
mode        "rb"
text        "text"
opened      "closed"
can read    "yes"
can write   "yes"

Within that zipped file I want to read from

"20210901.socioDemos.a.xml" which is one of 3 xml files within the zip file

Is there a way to return a connection to a single file within a zipped file using gzfile or some other method.

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