[R] [External] Missing text in lattice key legend

Richard M. Heiberger rmh @end|ng |rom temp|e@edu
Mon Oct 11 16:22:25 CEST 2021

looks like a paren outof place.  the text is inside the points. it should be parallel to the points in the calling sequence.

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Subject: [External] [R] Missing text in lattice key legend

I am drawing some data with lattice using:
COLS = c("gold", "forestgreen", "darkslategray3", "purple")
xyplot(Value ~ Concentration,
       group = Substance, data = inf_avg,
       pch = 16, cex = 1.2, type = "b",
       xlab=expression(bold(paste("Concentration (", mu, "M)"))),
       ylab=expression(bold("Infection rate")),
       scales = list(x = list(log = 10, at=c(unique(inf_avg$Concentration))
       key = list(space="top", columns=4, col = "black",
                       points=list(pch=c(16, 16, 16, 16),
                                   text=list(c("6-PN", "8-PN", "IX", "XN")
       panel = function(x,y) {
It all works but the legend only shows the colored dots, there is no
text. Is it something missing from the syntax?

Best regards,

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