[R] ggplot2: multiple box plots, different tibbles/dataframes

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Thu Nov 11 18:52:02 CET 2021

You can always create a graphics layout  and then plot different
ggplot objects in the separate regions of the layout. See ?grid.layout
(since ggplots are grobs)  and ?plot.ggplot  . This also **may** be
useful by showing examples using grid.arrange()


Still, I suspect that Jeff Newmiller may be right about needing to
structure your data more appropriately for what you wish to do.

Bert Gunter

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On Thu, Nov 11, 2021 at 9:22 AM Rich Shepard <rshepard using appl-ecosys.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Nov 2021, Avi Gross wrote:
> > Boxplots like many other things in ggplot can be grouped in various ways.
> > I often do something like this:
> Avi,
> I've designed and used multiple boxplots in many projects. They might show
> geochemical concentrations at two locations or in two (or three) separate
> time periods. All data in a single dataframe.
> > To display multiple boxplots subdivided by place is as easy as using the
> > phrase in an aes() clause like:
> >
> >       ggplot(your_data, aes(..., color=PLACE)) + geom_boxplot()
> What I need to plot are multiple 'your_data' sets. I'll be testing this:
> ggp <- ggplot(NULL, aes(x, y)) +    # Draw ggplot2 plot based on two data frames
>    geom_point(data = data1, col = "red") +
>    geom_line(data = data2, col = "blue")
> ggp                                 # Draw plot
> today, but using four boxplots.
> Regards,
> Rich
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