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I think we have suggested something several times that you ignore as you are
focused on your way of thinking.

If you read the last part of the letter I wrote in public, I suggest
combining your multiple dataframes into one if they are compatible and
including a new column called something like PLACE. The existence of that
variable lets you tell ggplot you want MULTIPLE plots placed in a grid based
on that variable OR in other words, asking ggplot to subdivide your data
into four parts and make one plot for each and then place them into a

I will not spell out the many variations you can make but some variations
have you add another layer to the ggplot that may use formula notation to
specify what combination of variables to do the subdivisions by or
specifying you want then in rows (meaning vertically stacked) based on a
variable and so on.

Look up facet_grid() and facet_wrap() as various ways to do this. Note you
may want to examine some options such as setting the scales to be the same
or free.

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On Thu, 11 Nov 2021, Avi Gross wrote:

> Boxplots like many other things in ggplot can be grouped in various ways.
> I often do something like this:


I've designed and used multiple boxplots in many projects. They might show
geochemical concentrations at two locations or in two (or three) separate
time periods. All data in a single dataframe.

> To display multiple boxplots subdivided by place is as easy as using 
> the phrase in an aes() clause like:
> 	ggplot(your_data, aes(..., color=PLACE)) + geom_boxplot()

What I need to plot are multiple 'your_data' sets. I'll be testing this:
ggp <- ggplot(NULL, aes(x, y)) +    # Draw ggplot2 plot based on two data
   geom_point(data = data1, col = "red") +
   geom_line(data = data2, col = "blue")
ggp                                 # Draw plot

today, but using four boxplots.



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