[R] ggplot2: multiple box plots, different tibbles/dataframes

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Thu Nov 11 02:53:25 CET 2021


I think many here may not quite have enough info to help you.

But the subject of multiple plots has come up. There are a slew of ways,
especially in the ggplot paradigm, to make multiple smaller plots into a
larger display showing them in some number of rows and columns, or other
ways. Some methods use facet_wrap() or facet_grid() type functionality that
let you plot multiple subdivisions of the data independently. These though
generally have to be in some way related.

Yet others let you make many independent graphs and save them and later
recombine them in packages like cowplot. 

So, although it may also be possible to do whatever it is you want within a
single plot, it may also make sense to do it as loosely described above. 

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On Wed, 10 Nov 2021, Bert Gunter wrote:

> As always, online search (on "ggplot2 help") seemed to bring up useful 
> resources. I suggest you look here (suggested tutorials and resources 
> are farther down the page): https://ggplot2.tidyverse.org/


My web search was for multiple boxplots and I didn't see what I wanted. I'll
continue reading the ggplot2 third edition and figure it out.



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