[R] Fwd: Merging multiple csv files to new file

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Tue Nov 2 23:30:46 CET 2021

Hello, I would like to merge 18 csv files into a master data csv file, but
each file has a different number of columns (mostly found in one or more of
the other cvs files) and different number of rows.

I have tried something like the following in R Studio (cloud):

all_data_fit_files <- rbind("dailyActivity_merged.csv",
"dailyCalories_merged.csv", "dailyIntensities_merged.csv",
"dailySteps_merged.csv", "heartrate_seconds_merged.csv",
"hourlyCalories_merged.csv", "hourlyIntensities_merged.csv",
"hourlySteps_merged.csv", "minuteCaloriesNarrow_merged.csv",
"minuteCaloriesWide_merged.csv", "minuteIntensitiesNarrow_merged.csv",
"minuteIntensitiesWide_merged.csv", "minuteMETsNarrow_merged.csv",
"minuteSleep_merged.csv", "minuteStepsNarrow_merged.csv",
“minuteStepsWide_merged.csv", "sleepDay_merged.csv",
"minuteStepsWide_merged.csv", "sleepDay_merged.csv",

But I am getting the following error:

Error: unexpected input in "rlySteps_merged.csv",
"minuteCaloriesNarrow_merged.csv", "minuteCaloriesWide_merged.csv",
"minuteIntensitiesWide_merged.csv", "minuteMETsNarrow_merged.csv"

(Maybe the R Studio free trial/usage is underpowered for my project?)

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