[R] library(hms)

John Fox j|ox @end|ng |rom mcm@@ter@c@
Wed Mar 17 19:04:08 CET 2021

Dear Greg,

As I explained to you in a private email, and as others have told you, 
there is no Install.libraries() command, nor is there an 
install.libraries(0 command, but there is an install.packages() command.

So install.packages("hms") should work, on a Mac or on any other 
internet-connected computer on which R runs -- as you've also been told 
by others, this is not a Mac-specific issue. Note that the argument to 
install.packages must be quoted. See ?install.packages for details.

I'll also repeat the advice that I gave you privately to learn something 
about R before you try to use it, possibly starting with the "An 
Introduction to R" manual that ships with the standard R distribution.


John Fox, Professor Emeritus
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
web: https://socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/jfox/

On 2021-03-17 1:07 p.m., Gregory Coats wrote:
> On my MacBook, I do not have, and do not know how to install, library(hms).
> Greg Coats
>> library(hms)
> Error in library(hms) : there is no package called ‘hms’
>> Install.libraries(“hms”)
> Error: unexpected input in "Install.libraries(“"

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