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I prefer using regular expressions directly, so this may not satisfy you:

> a <-"Women's footwear (excluding athletic)"
> b <- gsub("(.*) \\(.*$","\\1",a)
> b
[1] "Women's footwear"

There are, of course other ways to do this with regex's or even substring()

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On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 5:36 PM <phil using philipsmith.ca> wrote:

> I have a problem with the str_replace() function in the stringr package.
> Please refer to my reprex below.
> I start with a vector of strings, called x. Some of the strings contain
> apostrophes and brackets. I make a simple replacement as with x1, and
> there is no problem. I make another simple replacement, x2, where the
> pattern string has an apostrophe. Again no problem. Then I make a third
> replacement, x3, where the pattern has opening and closing brackets and
> the function still works fine. Finally I make a replacement where the
> pattern has both an apostrophe and opening and closing brackets and the
> replacement does not work. I tried to solve this by putting backslashes
> before the apostrophe and/or the brackets, but that accomplished
> nothing. I am stumped.
> # Reprex for str_replace problem
> library(stringr)
> x <- c(
>    "Clothing and footwear",
>    "Women's clothing",
>    "Women's footwear (excluding athletic)",
>    "Clothing accessories (belts and so on)",
>    "Clothing and footwear",
>    "Women's clothing",
>    "Women's footwear (excluding athletic)",
>    "Clothing accessories (belts and so on)"
> )
> x
> x1 <- str_replace(x,
>    "Clothing and footwear",
>    "Clothing and shoes"
> )
> x1
> x2 <- str_replace(x,
>    "Women's clothing",
>    "Women's clothing goods"
> )
> x2
> x3 <- str_replace(x,
>    "Clothing accessories (belts and so on)",
>    "Clothing accessories")
> x3
> x4 <- str_replace(x,
>    "Women's footwear (excluding athletic)",
>    "Women's footwear")
> x4
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