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Sun Mar 7 14:03:20 CET 2021

Hi all

I have not found a package by Googling, but assume there must be at 
least one out there.
I need to generate/write sun rise-sun set times (civil twilight) and 
moon phase/illumination.

I would like to add a start date and end date along with location 
coordinates and have a table generated like below.
This is from a legacy program acquired some 30 years ago and is no 
longer available.  This can only generate 1 month at a time (subset 
below).  But for a year at a time both historical and for future dates 
and locations.

For this legacy program I enter the date and select a location I have in 
a simple TXT location file location with time-zone and X-Y coordinates 
and it will generate a month at a time.  this can be dumped to the 
clipboard but not written as a TXT or delimited file.

I am hoping there will be an elegant way to do this in R and have the 
results written to a file for import into an Access DB.
Tnx for any suggestions  on package(s).

Sample below.

                     Sun and Moon Data for March 2021
                          17.05°N  88.57°W  5hrW
                       Standard Time  Civil Twilight

                             Sun                         Moon
       Date    Twi.  Rise  Transit  Set    Twi.  Rise  Transit Set    %

    3/1/2021  06:50  07:12  13:07  19:01  19:23  21:36  02:52  09:04 92
    3/2/2021  06:50  07:11  13:06  19:01  19:23  22:35  03:43  09:47 85
    3/3/2021  06:49  07:11  13:06  19:02  19:23  23:35  04:35  10:31 76
    3/4/2021  06:48  07:10  13:06  19:02  19:24  *****  05:28  11:18 65

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