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I have a dataset (d_vigi)with this kind of data:
behavior type duration(s) observation nr species
Non-vigilant 5 1 red deer
Vigilant 2 1 red deer
Vigilant 2 1 red deer
Non-vigilant 3 1 red deer
Vigilant 7 2 red deer
Vigilant 2 2 red deer
Non-vigilant 1 2 red deer
Unkown  2 2 red deer
Now I have to calculate the percentage of vigilant behavior spent per

So eventually I will need to end up with something like this:
Observation nr Species vigilant(s) total (s) percentage of vigilant (%)
1 red deer 4 12 33
2 red deer 9 12 75

Now I know how to calculate the total amount of seconds per observation.
But I don't know how I get to the total seconds of vigilant behavior per
observation (red numbers). If I could get there I will know how to
calculate the percentage.

I calculated the total duration per observation this way:
for(id in d_vigi$Obs.nr){


this does work and gives me the total (s) but i don't know how to get to
the sum of the seconds just for the vigilant per observation number. Is
there anyone who could help me?


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