[R] Updated version of the hse package.

Rolf Turner r@turner @end|ng |rom @uck|@nd@@c@nz
Wed Jan 6 23:22:25 CET 2021

I have recently submitted a fairly major revision of my hse
package to CRAN.  The source of the revised package is now
available.  Windoze and MacOS binaries will appear soon.

*After* submitting (psigh!) I noticed a distressingly large
number of typos and glitches in the help files.  These have
now been corrected, and the corrected version of the help
will appear in the next release.  However I'm sure that there
are many more such glitches that I *haven't* noticed!

I would be very grateful to anyone who points out such errors
to me.


Rolf Turner

Honorary Research Fellow
Department of Statistics
University of Auckland
Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext. 88276

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