[R] error in parameters tuning of svm

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Sat Jan 2 21:49:58 CET 2021

Hello everyone

I m using the parameters optimization of svm in mlr3. I am setting the
parameters of 'C' and 'type'.

search_space = paradox::ParamSet$new(
 params = list(paradox::ParamInt$new("C", lower = 1, upper = 7),
 paradox::ParamFct$new(id = "type", default = "eps-svr",
   levels = c("eps-svr", "nu-svr", "eps-bsvr"), tags = "train")))

When I run, it gives me the error as follows:

Error in self$assert(xs) :
  Assertion on 'xs' failed: The parameter 'C' can only be set if the
following condition is met 'type <U+2208> {eps-svr, eps-bsvr}'. Instead the
current parameter value is: type=nu-svr.

I do not know why this error comes? Any idea about it?

Warm regards

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