[R] compiling from source on RedHat 8

Marc Schwartz m@rc_@chw@rtz @end|ng |rom me@com
Fri Dec 31 18:52:25 CET 2021


I presume that you mean RHEL 8, and not just RH 8?

In either case, there is a list specifically for using R on RHEL/Fedora 
based Linux derivative distributions:


You should subscribe to that list and post your query there, as the 
RHEL/Fedora R maintainers are active on that list. They can give you 
guidance on compiling R from source, if you really need to do that, or 
to suggest that you use the existing RPMs for R that they maintain and 
make available.


Marc Schwartz

kap4lin wrote on 12/31/21 12:38 PM:
> Hi,
> Before I proceed with the error output, is this the right list for help on
> compiling R from source. If not, please point me in the right direction.
> The error itself is related to this:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53610178/installation-of-r-fails-because-of-undefined-reference-to-libiconv
> Kap Lin

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