[R] doubt with boosting algorithms in caret in r

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Tue Dec 28 14:17:52 CET 2021

dear members,
                         I am using caret and caretEnsemble packages for my research involving machine learning.

This link https://topepo.github.io/caret/train-models-by-tag.html#boosting indicates the various boosting algorithms available in the caret package. However, I know that boosting algorithms need to have base learners specified. I have no issues with adaboost.m1 algorithm which takes as a base learner Decision Trees. But what about the other algorithms? How do you specify the base learners for the algorithms? The page in the link speaks loosely of "Ensembles" relating to the boosting algorithms, but it doesn't specify how to pass them as arguments for the boosting algorithms in caret. What's going on? For example, I need a boosting algorithm with SVM. How do you effect it with caret or caretEnsemble?

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