[R] .Rdata not loading

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Fri Dec 24 20:26:25 CET 2021

On Fri, 24 Dec 2021, Jeff Newmiller wrote:

> The qsave/qread functions from the qs package are functionally
> interchangeable with saveRDS/readRDS, but faster and create smaller files.
> A simple
>  if ( file.exists( "obj1.qs" ) ) {
>    obj1 <- qread( "onj1.qs" )
>  } else {
>    obj1 <- compute_obj1()
>    qsave( obj1, "obj1.qs" )
>  }
> can be used


I understand that with qs each R object needs to be in a separate .qs file
rather than having all of them in a single file such as .RData or .rda.

> ... but there are various caching packages [1] for ad-hoc use that
> attempt to determine when a computation is out of date better than the
> existence of a file (that you have to manually delete if you want to
> recompute) but they may either fail to notice relevant changes or
> recompute unnecessarily.

I'll look closely at caching-in-R.

> I have in the last couple of months found that the targets package [2]
> seems to excel at balancing these concerns and regularly use it now for
> large or complicated analyses.

I read the targets users manual and vignettes and found that it's much too
complex for my simple needs. I consider my projects to be subjectively
small and uncomplicated. Each of my projects are unique and one-off.

Thanks and happy holiday,


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