[R] .Rdata not loading

Rich Shepard r@hep@rd @end|ng |rom @pp|-eco@y@@com
Thu Dec 23 21:40:46 CET 2021

On Thu, 23 Dec 2021, Jeff Newmiller wrote:

> This practice (saving and resuming from Rdata files) often ends badly this
> way. Objects that are "shared" in memory get saved as separate data and
> may not "fit" when re-loaded. This is why re-running from scratch should
> always be part of your workflow. There are caching approaches that track
> individual objects rather than entire workspaces such as the targets
> package or others or you can roll your own with saveRDS/readRDS or the qs
> package.


While I've used R for more than a decade I've not before had this

I'll set up a script to run all existing scripts, in order, and run it to be
able to continue my project. I'll definitely look at the targets and qs
packages as well as save-read/RDS.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and teaching me a valuable

Have safe and healthy holidays and stay well,


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