[R] able to estimate in the excel but not in R, any suggestion?

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Thu Dec 23 07:22:32 CET 2021

Hi R users,
I was trying to estimate some values in r but could not figure out how to
write the script in r. Although I was able to estimate it correctly in the
excel. For example I have the following data set.

daT<-structure(list(sd = c(0.481, 0.682, 0.741, 0.394, 0.2, 0.655, 0.375),
mcd = c(51.305, 51.284, 51.249, 51.2, 51.137, 51.059, 50.968), ca =
c(49.313, 69.985, 75.914, 40.303, 20.493, 66.905,38.185)), class =
"data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -7L))

In this data set, I need to estimate in the column name "ca", In the excel
I estimated the value using the following formula:

But when I wrote the following code in the R, it did not work

Your suggestion would be highly appreciated.



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