[R] Bug in list.files(full.names=T)

Mario Reutter m@r|o_reutter @end|ng |rom web@de
Sat Dec 18 15:55:37 CET 2021

Dear everybody,

I'm a researcher in the field of psychology and a passionate R user. After
having updated to the newest version, I experienced a problem with
list.files() if the parameter full.names is set to TRUE.
A path separator "/" is now always appended to path in the output even if
path %>% endsWith("/"). This breaks backwards compatibility in case path
ends with a path separator. The problem occurred somewhere between R
version 3.6.1 (2019-07-05) and 4.1.2 (2021-11-01).

>> list.files("C:/Data/", full.names=T)

Expected behavior:
Either a path separator should never be appended in accordance with
the documentation: "full.names
a logical value. If TRUE, the directory path is prepended to the file names
to give a relative file path."
Or it could only be appended if path doesn't already end with a path

My question would now be if this warrants a bug report? And if you agree,
could someone issue the report since I'm not a member on Bugzilla?

Thank you and best regards,
Mario Reutter

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