[R] help with parellel processing and RSelenium

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Sun Dec 12 17:43:44 CET 2021

dear members,
                         I am a stock trader based in INDIA using R for my research. I have two questions:

  1.  I want to send the same function with different arguments to different cores. This link in SO https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25045998/send-function-calls-with-different-arguments-to-different-processors-in-r-using
  2.  gives the following solution:


cl <- makeCluster(4)
clusterExport(cl, "foo")
cores <- seq_along(cl)
r <- clusterApply(cl[cores], cores, function(core) {
  if (core == 1) {
    foo(5, 4, 1/2, 3, "a")
  } else if (core == 2) {
    foo(5, 3, 1/3, 1, "b")
  } else if (core == 3) {
    foo(5, 4, 1/4, 1, "c")
  } else if (core == 4) {
    foo(5, 2, 1/5, 0, "d")

My question is: what is the structure of the output "r" in the above code? I think it is a list with r[[1]] = output of foo(5,4,1/2,3,"a"),r[[2]] = output of foo(5,1/3,1,"b")

and so on. AM I right?


I am using RSelenium to scrape a website. Javascript has a document.ready function which ensures that any JS code is run only after the whole document is


loaded. Is there a similar function in RSelenium? Or will the execution of the next expression takes place only after the whole page is loaded (with the


"navigate" method of RSelenium)?

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


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