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Tue Aug 24 01:22:17 CEST 2021

Hello List,
I wrote the script below to assign value to a new field DisclosureStatus.
my goal is if gl_resultsdisclosed=1 then DisclosureStatus=DISCLOSED
else if gl_resultsdisclosed=0 then DisclosureStatus= ATTEMPTED
else if gl_resultsdisclosed is missing and gl_discloseattempt1 is not missing then DisclosureStatus= ATTEMPTED
else missing

germlinepatients$DisclosureStatus <- 
              ifelse(germlinepatients$gl_resultsdisclosed==1, "DISCLOSED",
                ifelse(germlinepatients$ gl_resultsdisclosed==0, "ATTEMPTED", 
                   ifelse(is.na(germlinepatients$gl_resultsdisclosed) & germlinepatients$gl_discloseattempt1!='', "ATTEMPTED",

the first 3 row give me right result, but the 3rd row does not. After checking the data, there are 23 cases are gl_resultsdisclosed is missing and gl_discloseattempt1 is not missing.  the code doesn't has any error message.
Please help 
thank you

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