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Fri Aug 20 18:49:24 CEST 2021

"replacer v.1.0.0"

new package submission

"replacer" is a value replacement utility currently based on the powerful
package "data.table", available on CRAN.

This utility is purposed for outside-database update of datasets. It is
accessible to beginners to `R` and facilitates complex dataset updates with
minimal prompt time by employing User-friendly functions that automatically
follow a decision tree rooted in User's input. 

The package source can be downloaded from

or, by typing:


at the R prompt. Once installed, the User can run a short example by copying the
next 3 lines below:


dir = system.file('extdata', package = 'replacer')

replaceVals(dir, save = FALSE)

Familiarity with basic R commands is necessary. Familiarity with `data.table` is
not, yet strongly recommended!

Users are encouraged to start by reading the vignette found at the link above.

Thank you,

Dragos Bandur, author
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