[R] No "doc" directory in my installation of R.

Rolf Turner r@turner @end|ng |rom @uck|@nd@@c@nz
Tue Aug 10 00:39:20 CEST 2021

I thought that I should let everyone know that I have, in some sense at
least, resolved my problem with 'no "doc" directory' and Rstudio.  I
got a useful reply off-list from Duncan Murdoch (thanks Duncan) to the
effect that Rstudio requires its own purpose-specific binaries.

I was always under the impression that Rstudio would invoke whatever
instance of R that the user had installed, but this seems not to
be the case.  Duncan pointed me to instructions for installing  R in
such a way as to satisfy Rstudio.  I had not found such instructions

After considerable travail (I had "curl" problems with which I will not
bore you) I managed to effect this installation, which put R into
/opt/R/4.1.0 and lo and behold /opt/R/4.1.0/lib/R does indeed contain a
"doc" directory (unlike, e.g. /usr/lib/R which is my non-Rstudio
instance of R lives.)

Having done that and having made the appropriate symbolic links,
I was able to click on the Rstudio icon under Applications ->
Programming and get Rstudio running.

So far I can find no way to get Rstudio to do what I had hoped to be
able to do --- something that cannot effectively be done in raw R.
But that's another story.

I raised this same issue on the "Rstudio Community" web site, and the
contrast between what I got from that and what I got from R-help was
striking.  What I got from the former was deafening silence.  I got
seven responses on the R-help mailing list, plus Duncan's off-list

Does this say something about the efficacy of mailing lists as
contrasted with web site fora?  Or is it just a difference between the
R community and the Rstudio community?


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