[R] Calculation of Age heaping

Greg Minshall m|n@h@|| @end|ng |rom um|ch@edu
Mon Aug 9 13:04:51 CEST 2021


if this is what you are looking for:

then, the article says the algorithm is
The index score is obtained by summing the number of persons in the age
range 23 and 62 inclusive, who report ages ending in 0 and 5, dividing
that sum by the total population between ages 23 and 62 years inclusive,
and multiplying the result by 5. Restated as a percentage, index scores
range between 100 (no preference for ages ending in 0 and 5) and 500
(all people reporting ages ending in 0 and 5).

that seems fairly straight forward.  if you are trying to learn R,
and/or learn programming, i might suggest you *not* use a package, and
rather work on coding up the calculation yourself.  that would probably
be a good, but not too hard, exercise, of some interest.  enjoy!

cheers, Greg

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