[R] problems in knitting to html

Troels Ring tr|ng @end|ng |rom gvdnet@dk
Tue Apr 20 18:05:40 CEST 2021

Dear friends - newly installed windows 10 and R version 4.0.5 
(2021-03-31) -- "Shake and Throw" and newest version of RStudio I tend 
to get an error when knitting to html.

The message I get is ("applications-of-charge-balance-160421.rmd" is my 
file name)

/output file: applications-of-charge-balance-160421.knit.md//

/then (in my translated Danish) //

/Error in file(con,   "w") : cannot open connection/

/call: <Anonymous> ... extract_preserve_chunks -> write_utf8 -> 
writeLines -> file//

/In file(con, "w") ://
//  cannot open file 'applications-of-charge-balance-160421.utf8.md': 
Invalid argument//
//run aborted/

But when I then simply try again it works well with no troubles.

I wonder what error I have done?

All best wishes

Troels Ring,
Aalborg, Denmark

	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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