[R] Identifying column type

Steven Yen @tyen @end|ng |rom ntu@edu@tw
Sat Apr 10 05:25:36 CEST 2021

I have data of mixed types in a data frame - date and numeric, as shown 
in summary below. How do I identify the column(s) that is/are not 
numeric, in this case, the first. All I want is to identify the 
column(s) and so that I can remove it/them from the data frame Thanks.

> summary(mydata)

Date Spot Futures Min. :1997-09-01 00:00:00 Min. : 735.1 Min. : 734.2 
1st Qu.:2002-10-16 12:00:00 1st Qu.:1120.7 1st Qu.:1122.6 Median 
:2007-12-01 00:00:00 Median :1301.8 Median :1303.2 Mean :2007-12-01 
06:01:27 Mean :1423.1 Mean :1423.6 3rd Qu.:2013-01-16 12:00:00 3rd 
Qu.:1540.0 3rd Qu.:1546.5 Max. :2018-03-01 00:00:00 Max. :2823.8 Max. 

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