[R] Assigning several lists to variables whose names are contained in other variables

Wolfgang Grond grond @end|ng |rom number|@nd@de
Fri Apr 9 11:48:55 CEST 2021

Dear all,

I'm creating a list (which is a tbl_graph) by a function, and assign the 
result to a variable:

subnet_MYSUBNET <- my_function(MYSUBNET)

# MYSUBNET: a tbl_graph

Because there are multiple subnets to create, I can get the names of the 
subnets (MYSUBNET1, MYSUBNET2, MYSUBNET3, etc.) from a row in a 
dataframe column.

subnet_MYSUBNET <- my_function(datatable$column[i])

Because I know how many subnets to create - nrow(dataframe) I want to 
assign the subnets to variables whose names contain the name of the subnet

For this to work I have to assign a variable name which is contained in 
an other variable name:


for(i in 1:nrow(datatable)) {

val <- datatable$column[i]

result <- assign(paste("subnet_",  val, sep = "")

result <- my_function(val)


this works in bash, but seems not to work in R - I don't succeed at least.

Am I wrong?

Where is my mistake?

Many thanks in advance for any hint.


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