[R] help to create a simulated dataset

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Wed Sep 30 06:35:01 CEST 2020

Hi R User,
I was trying to create a data matrix with four columns: height, locations
(three locations), temperature (three levels) and slope (three classes) and
used the following code, but it did not work.  I basically wanted to have
20 rows for each class (I have a total of 9 classes). Can you help me to
fix the following code so that I can create the data frame?




height.value= minHeight +(0:20)*(maxHeight-minHeight)/20

daT<-data.frame(height=height.value, location=rep(c("SiteA", "SiteB",
"SiteC"), 20), temperature=rep(c(10,20,30)), slope=rep(c("5deg", "10deg",


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