[R] 2 KM curves on the same plot

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Tue Sep 29 02:33:23 CEST 2020


Can anyone suggest a simple way to generate a Kaplan-Meier plot with 2 survfit objects, just like this one: 


Suppose I have 2 survfit objects: fit1 is for the curve on the left (survtime has been truncated to the cutoff line: year 5), fit2 is for the curve on the right (minimum survival time is at the cutoff line: year 5), but if I do the following:

plot(fit1, col=1:2)

Then I will have an horizontal line on the top that connect from 0 to 4 years, which I do not want that to be drawn (see blue arrow below):


Can anyone have a strategy to make this kind of plot happen?



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