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Has anyone created an animations within a R-Notebook. I'm trying to create
an animation within a R -Notebook and while my code works outside of a
notebook (Console) but inside the R-Notebook framework I only get a list of
the  *.png files. Any suggestions?


path.animate.plot <- mymap.paths +

  transition_reveal(along = date) +

  labs(title = 'Date: {frame_along}')  # Add a label on top to say what date
each frame is



        fps = 3, # frames per second

        nframes = 200) # default is 100 frames


  [1] "./gganim_plot0001.png" "./gganim_plot0002.png"
"./gganim_plot0003.png" "./gganim_plot0004.png"

  [5] "./gganim_plot0005.png" "./gganim_plot0006.png"
"./gganim_plot0007.png" "./gganim_plot0008.png"

  [9] "./gganim_plot0009.png" "./gganim_plot0010.png"
"./gganim_plot0011.png" "./gganim_plot0012.png" ..


Jeff Reichman

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