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Fri Sep 18 08:26:08 CEST 2020

No, but fortunately you are off in the weeds. Density has an internally-computed "z" coordinate... you should be looking at ?geom_contour.

On September 17, 2020 7:17:33 PM PDT, H <agents using meddatainc.com> wrote:
>I am trying to understand how to map 2D to 3D using ggplot() and
>eventually plot_gg(). I am, however, stuck on understanding how to
>express the third variable to be mapped. This example:
>ggdiamonds = ggplot(diamonds, aes(x, depth)) +
>stat_density_2d(aes(fill = stat(nlevel)),
>geom = "polygon", n = 100, bins = 10,contour = TRUE) +
>facet_wrap(clarity~.) +
>scale_fill_viridis_c(option = "A")
>uses a variable nlevel that I now understand is calculated during the
>building of the ggplot but I have not figured out from where it is
>calculated or how to specify a variable of my choosing.
>Does anyone have a good reference for understanding how to specify this
>variable? Most examples on the 'net seem to use the same dataset but do
>not specify this particular aspect...
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