[R] Printing upon calling a function

Stefan Evert @te|@nML @end|ng |rom co||oc@t|on@@de
Mon Nov 30 11:41:35 CET 2020

> On 30 Nov 2020, at 10:41, Steven Yen <styen using ntu.edu.tw> wrote:
> Thanks. I know, my point was on why I get something printed by simply doing line 1 below and at other occasions had to do line 2.
> me.probit(obj)

That means the return value of me.probit() has been marked as invisible, so it won't auto-print.  You have to use an explicit print


or use your work-around to convince R that you actually meant to print the output.

If you dig through the full code of me.probit(), you'll probably find the function invisible() called somewhere.


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