[R] C++11 requirements for package dependencies

Mark Clements m@rk@c|ement@ @end|ng |rom k|@@e
Mon Nov 30 09:40:04 CET 2020

A colleague uses a package I maintain (rstpm2) as a dependency in their
package (rsimsum) with testing using GitHub Actions. They found that
testing failed against R versions 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 because recent
versions of RcppArmadillo (which is a dependency in rstpm2) require
C++11. As a dependency diagram:

rsimsum --> rstpm2 --> RcppArmadillo

Should I update rstpm2 to include "CXX_STD = CXX11" in the Makevars and
Makevars.win files and add "SystemRequirements: C++11" to the
DESCRIPTION, or is there a simple way in GitHub Actions to use C++11 for
older versions of R?

Moreover, as a principle, should a package need to change the Makevars
and DESCRIPTION files to suit the most recent updates of their
dependencies? I would have thought that such a need would break many

Sincerely, Mark.

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