[R] calling r from java

Abby Spurdle @purd|e@@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sat Nov 28 03:55:36 CET 2020

Hi Eduard,

> Now I developed a service that executes Rscript (Using ProcessBuilder),
> sends text to stdin of the process and reads from stdout of the
> process.

This doesn't answer your question, but may be relevant.
I have a java-based application that works on a similar principle.
(The code is horrendously bad and most of it should be thrown away).

I'm planning to write a terminal emulator, in the near future.
(Currently, second place on my top-level todo list).

The primary objective is to build object-oriented and message passing
APIs on top of the core terminal emulation system, with at least some
cross platform functionality.
Noting that, in my opinion, the cross-platform aspect is more
important for R, than in many other IPC topics.

Hence, I'm interested in hearing "wishlist" items for such APIs.

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