[R] [EXT] Re: Inappropriate color name

Marc Roos M@Roo@ @end|ng |rom |1-out@ourc|ng@eu
Fri Nov 20 10:30:42 CET 2020

 >name since it conveys the wrong indication of its purpose.  But the
 >word 'racist' in itself is not offensive.  The act of being racist is
 >offensive and wrong.  Purging the word 'racist' won't help rid the
 >world of racism.

Indeed, if you would go down this road, where does it stop? You would be 
eligible getting discussions why the female species is described with a 
longer word than the male. Why is there even a 'man' part in 'woman'. I 
can bet there are man and woman finding this offensive!!!! ;)
What do you think about these symbols for male and female? Should be 
changed also, this male is now pointing up to heaven =  good, and female 
pointing down to hell =  bad? ;) 


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