[R] Inappropriate color name

Heinz Tuechler tuech|er @end|ng |rom gmx@@t
Thu Nov 19 23:27:29 CET 2020

inline - David Wright wrote on 19.11.2020 12:39:
> Appropriation of Indian Red as 'Chestnut' (or other alternative) will
> be viewed by some as 'making appropriate' the label for a colour, and
> no doubt by other groups as cultural theft by excising reference to
> its origin.
> Seems the best option is to recognise the actual etymology carries no
> semblance of offense whatsoever, and leave well alone.

One may remember that people who might feel offended by "Indian Red"
(Native Americans) make up less than 0.5 percent of all "Indians".
It is hardly the fault of the people of India that Native Americans were
called Indians by an Italian navigator who thought he had landed in India.

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