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... and we are off topic and I'm not sure I would vote for changing the name of the colour but at the same time I have to endorse that as a brilliant, brilliant summary of the issues which ought to be a fortune candidate.  

I have cc'd in the noble Achim, maintainer of the cookies package as I seem to remember that's the correct way to make a formal nomination.

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>>> Hi Elaine,
>>> There seems to be a popular contest to discover offence everywhere. I
>>> don't think that it does anything against racism, sexism or
>>> antidisestablishmentarianism. Words are plucked from our vast lexicon
>>> to comfort or insult our fellows depending upon the intent of the
>>> user. It is the intent that matters, not the poor word. Chasing the
>>> words wastes your time, blames those who use the words harmlessly,
>>> and gives the real offender time to find another epithet.
>> Jim:  This is superbly expressed.  I wish that I could have said
>> that! Your posting should go down in the annals of brilliant rhetoric,
>> alongside Dr. Johnson's "Letter to Lord Chesterfield".
>> cheers,
>> Rolf
> You know, I wouldn’t have continued this thread (which has now wandered off
> topic from the original somewhat-more-technical question), but I feel now like
> it’s necessary to do so (and only fair, if anyone is considering moderating me
> after letting these posts by):
> That is a view commonly held by white people, and even more overwhelmingly by
> white men. Our field is already not as diverse as it should be for a variety of
> reasons, and this “pretending no one else on earth exists” kind of stuff is at
> least some part of the reason. The question at issue here aside, white men
> complaining about people finding racism or sexism everywhere they look doesn’t
> pass the sniff test. Most or all of these things that people are reporting as
> offensive are being reported by people you’re clearly not listening to.
> Further, impact is what matters. If I step on your foot, I apologize, regardless
> of whether or not it was intentional, because it’s the right thing to do. If
> someone tells you “that thing you’re saying is offensive or is hurting me” and
> you say “I didn’t mean it,” and then keep right on doing it, what does it say
> to the person on the receiving end of it? All anyone that is being “blamed,” as
> you put it, is being asked to do is to try to do better next time.
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